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There are several schools of feng shui. The earliest classical schools were known as The Form School and The Landscape School and focused on the impact of the larger landscape to interpret the proper placement for the client to benefit from the earth energies. However, Master Teacher Lin Yun, raised in Tibet and schooled in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism Black Sect Feng Shui, has been instrumental in bringing a more intuitive, contemporary interpretation to the West through his worldwide teachings. These teachings were first published in three books by his student, Sarah Rossbach, and have dramatically contributed to the public awareness and interest in feng shui.


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The Feng Shui benefit of working with feng shui principles begins with a personal conversation, an evaluation, of how one is doing with respect to the energies expressed in the I Ching and its 64 hexagrams. The fundamental energies are Water (Career), Mountain (Wisdom), Thunder (Elders/Health), Wind (Prosperity), Reputation (Fire), Relationships (Earth). Creativity/Children (Lake), Benefactors/Travel (Metal) and the tai chi, the complementary opposite forces of yin and yang in perfect balance. The goal is to create a sacred space of home where chi, the cosmic breath or life force, can flow smoothly and nourish the inhabitants. Changes in one's physical space, particularly placement of bed, desk, and stove, can have remarkable and profound affects on one's feelings about one's sense of harmony. When changes are made with intention and clarity, a metaphor has been created for the home to be "a place for experiencing and fulfilling the meaning of existence through the fullest development of our natures."